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OMG, where have you been?!

Have no fear, I’m still here – rhyming a little too, it appears. Life got a little crazy, photography was slow, and I started a new hobby. You may notice that the blog looks a little different, and that’s because I decided to go back to That Mrs. Miller, but have my site encompass all of the cool things I love doing. I know, I know, the reason I changed this to a solely photography related blog was because I was trying to do too many things. You’re right. BUT, I missed blogging just for the heck of it, and really couldn’t do that with a site restricted to just photography. Two separate sites would have been way too much to handle, so I changed it back. You can still use either or to access my site though – both are active. I’m still doing photography and I’ll be posting some past sessions here slowly but surely. In addition to photography, I’ve also become addicted to all things Happy Planner related.

I bought my first Happy Planner back in June 2017 and didn’t really do much with it until November 2017. That’s when stuff got real. Stickers, stickers, and more stickers. Washi tape and inserts. ALL THE THINGS. Then I made my first custom cover for my Happy Planner. Mr. Miller said, “That looks really awesome. You should make them and sell them on Etsy.” I bought a laminator, some supplies, made some covers, and created Chelle’s Happy Boutique on Etsy.


The cover that started it all.

I also carved out a little “office space” in our bedroom to plan, make items for my Etsy shop, and edit pictures. My husband bough me a desk for Christmas that fits perfect in the space. One craft cart from Michael’s later, and the spaces has kind of taken on a life of its own. Mr. Miller has a man cave out back to get away to and now I have mine. I love my little space and it’s perfect – for now. I’m planning to added more effective storage, but this works for the time being.

Organized chaos.

My “office” is organized chaos. That’s the only way I can describe it. I can find everything I’m looking for most days, although on occasion I forget where I’ve tucked something, or find something I forgot I bought.

I’ve added a section for planner related stuff at the top of my site because I’m going to hopefully be adding some budget DIY planner stuff, ways to use your planner, and maybe some free printable too. So, if you’re into that, be sure to subscribe to my blog on the sidebar.

As I mentioned before, I’ll still be posting photo sessions on the blog and can’t wait for you to see my nieces Easter pictures, and 1st birthday pictures. I’m way behind on posting, but I’m going to get caught up!

Well, that’s all for now. Trying to ease my way back in with a simple post. Hope you all are having a great weekend!



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