Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and though I always try to honor my Mom in some way each year this year is especially important and meaningful because it’s the first Mother’s Day I’ll be able to spend with my Mom in 16 years. She’s lived in Kentucky/Indiana since 2001 and recently moved back to Jacksonville in January.

It still seems a little weird (but in a good way) to be able to say “I’m going over to see Mom today.” Going to see my Mom used to mean taking a week off work, driving 12 hours, spending precious hours catching up and then not wanting to leave her when I had to go back home. These last 5 months have been amazing and I’m so unbelievably happy she’s only 45 minutes away now.

Even though we haven’t gotten to spend as much time together as we’d like these past 16 years, she’s always been just a phone call away. I’ve always enjoyed our long phone conversations, but now that she’s so close we get to have those long talks in person. We’ll be able to spend Mother’s Day and holidays, and birthdays together too.

This may come as a shock to those who know me, but I wasn’t always the easiest child, yet somehow she managed to not pull her hair out. I’ve been sassy, sarcastic, and temperamental. I was a picky eater, stubborn, know-it-all child at times and I know I tried her patience on many, many occasions. I pitched fits when I didn’t get my way and even though that’s just normal kid stuff, she still loved me in spite of it.

There are many reason I love my Mom, but today I wanted to share a few those reasons.

  • She gave me life and brought me into this world.
  • She’d lay my head in her lap and rubbed my head when I had a headache, and took care of me when I was sick.
  • She calmed my fears during thunderstorms and we made up a song one time to take my mind off of it. (Maybe one day I’ll share it. Oh, and I still have the stuffed dragon she gave me years ago, it’s been in every vehicle I’ve owned since.)
  • She’s always in my corner. No matter what.
  • She’s always giving me little things that made her think of me.
  • She’s a good listener.
  • She can tell when there’s something wrong just by the sound of my voice.
  • She makes the best beef stroganoff and always makes it for me when I ask her to.
  • She is stronger, smarter and braver than she gives herself credit for.
  • She is beautiful and has a heart of gold.
  • She loved and accepted my husband Mike even before she met him.
  • She always knows how to find great bargains!
  • She has always encouraged me to myself and to go my own way.
  • She is generous and selfless.
  • She listen to my rants, and doesn’t scold me for having a potty mouth.
  • She loves me unconditionally, as I do her.

I love you, Mom, because you’re you. Because you’re my Mom and I’m so proud to be your daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day! I love you and I’m so excited to spend the day with you on Sunday!

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  • Reply Mom

    I am trying to hold back my tears. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter. You have been in my heart since the day I heard I was pregnant. I am proud of the woman you have become. You weren’t a difficult child. You were a blessing. I love you with all my heart.

    May 12, 2017 at 12:47 pm
    • Reply thatmrsmiller

      Awww, don’t cry. I love you with all my heart too!

      May 12, 2017 at 12:48 pm

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