3 Days to go! – Beautiful With You by Halestorm

The wedding countdown continues with only 3 days to go!

If you’ve never listened to Halestorm, please do. Lzzy Hale (yes, she omits the “i”) is a powerhouse. She’s beautiful, her voice is amazing and she’s one hell of a guitar player. She may be all rock n roll, but there’s a softer side to her and it definitely comes across in her more “ballad-like” songs like Beautiful with You (see video below).

I picked this song because it’s very representative of me – the way I see myself vs. the way Mike sees me. When I look in the mirror I don’t always see that beautiful person he sees, but then when I’m with him, he makes want to believe it. I’m free to be myself with him. When you find the right person and fall in love it gets easier and easier to allow all of the walls to come down. When that happens you begin to see yourself through their eyes and it’s amazing. 

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