5 Days to go! – Summertime by My Chemical Romance

Oh my goodness! In five more days, I’ll really be “That Mrs. Miller” and I’ve never been more ready for anything in my life. Let the music countdown continue!

I love My Chemical Romance. A lot. MCR’s music was always a little dark and heavy on the emotions. Then came the Danger Days album. There were a lot of people who hated this album, but I really love it. It’s really sassy and playful and Summertime (see video below) has always stuck out as one of my favorites from the album.

There’s never really been an official explanation from the band, but I’d like to think that Gerard Way wrote this for his wife Lindsey and maybe how she helped him through his struggles with drugs and depression. I don’t really know. It’s just a really great song about two people who find each other through the darkness and all the crazy shit in the world.

This song resonates with me because Mike and I found each other and ended up lifting each other out of the darkness of failed relationships. Separately we were lost and together we’ve been able to trust and love again. He’s drowned out all of the crazy noise in my head and with him I’ve learned that nothing anyone said or did before him matters anymore. From the moment he took my hand I ran away with him. I ran into a life of happiness and my heart has been full of love for him ever since.

The studio version of this song is on the wedding CD, but my favorite is the acoustic version. Hope you like it too!

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