Tini the Chug

I don’t always bark, but when I do it’s 3 AM

Some people inherit step-children when they enter a relationship. I inherited a chug named Tini. A chug, if you were wondering, is a Pug/Chihuahua mix. Mike and I don’t have any children of our own, but trust me when I say that this dog is as needy and demanding as any child I’ve ever encountered.


Tini the Chug – Queen of the Side-Eye

If I had to describe Tini, I’d say she looks like Flavor Flav. Remember him? Probably not, that’s why I have a side by side comparison for you. She’s short and fat with big bugged out eyes and definitely has more Pug in her than Chihuahua. It’s the eyes and teeth that make her almost a dead ringer for Flavor Flav.


Flavor Flav / Tini – See the resemblance?

They say that dogs aren’t aware of time like humans, but I beg to differ. At least in her case. Every evening at about 7pm she starts barking incessantly while bouncing in front of her food bowl. It’s time to eat and she wants to make sure we know it. It’s adorable but also incredibly annoying. Tini is not underfed by any stretch of the imagination, she just wants what she wants when she wants it. I’ve tried to video her when she does this but of course when you purposely try to film a dog doing anything, they do exactly the opposite of what you intended to capture.


There is a little hallway in front of our bathroom door and across from that is our washer and dryer. We close our door and put up a baby gate at the other end to keep Tini from running free throughout the house every night. There have been many nights in which I’ve been in bed, sound asleep, only to be awoken by mad barking like someone has just broken down the door. I throw off the covers, jump out of bed in a panic, open the bedroom door only to see Tini staring at her water dish because she’s run out of water in the middle of the night. Oddly enough, this only happens on nights that Mike isn’t here.

Tini is stubborn, needy and sometimes loud, but she’s also a lot of fun. She loves having her back scratched and most of the time she finds really unique ways to accomplish that task all by herself. Watching her do it is hilarious, but the noises she makes while scratching her back rivals any good porn actress. Again, I’ve tried to get video of it, but so far I’ve not been quick enough to catch it. I did, however, manage to catch the picture below at precisely the right time.


The yard is her domain and one of her favorite past times is running the fence line with the dog next door. I’ve always thought it funny how small dogs assert themselves like they’re the alpha and she does it in spectacular fashion. Even if there isn’t an animal or human in sight she will stand at the fence barking like she’s protecting us from an oncoming invasion of rabid kittens. She thinks she’s a bad ass and we tell her no different.

Tini loves the sun and I’m not sure how, with a black coat, she can tolerate basking in the sunlight without overheating, but she does. It’s almost impossible at times to get her to come back inside. Rest assured though that if we leave her out in the yard, it’s a given that she will come to the door and want in at the precise moment in which we’re both comfortable on the couch.


Never leave the bathroom door open. She’s a creeper.

For some reason ever since Mike brought her to live with us she kind of loves me a little bit more than she loves him. She follows me around the house (probably because she hopes I’m getting food) and she lays at my feet while I’m sitting in the recliner (again, probably hoping I’m going to drop food). When I’m cooking, she’s right up under me (again, food). I’m noticing a theme, but I still say she loves me more.

Tini’s a great little dog. She’s quirky, spastic and neurotic with a lot of love in a tiny little package. She’s sleeping in her bed right now without a care in the world. I’d like to think she is dreaming about chasing cats or belly rubs, but it’s more likely that she’s secretly plotting the exact moment in which she’ll start barking to wake me up.

3 AM.

It’s always 3 AM.

Tini has her own Instagram – @tini.the.chug (Yes, we’re that couple. The kind that give their dog an Instagram.) Check it out and give her a follow if you feel so inclined. Thanks for reading and cheer up, it’s Friday!

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    Haha! Cute pictures. Thanks for the visit and liking French-Toasted Bagel Sprinkled w/Cheese.

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      Thanks! I think I’m going to try those bagels. They look delicious!

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    The cutest!!❤️

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