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Red Rose Speedway | Paul McCartney and Wings

I recently decided to start a little project. Because I’m bored. Because I’m a glutton for punishment. I never finish things. But I’m determined to see this one through. The project? Listening to all of the former Beatles solo albums and giving them each a little review. All of them. Yes, even Ringo (although as I’ve discovered so far, Ringo’s music isn’t that bad. I love The Beatles and call myself a fan, but I’ve never taken the time to listen to their solo albums. I’ve decided to rectify that.

It all began on Facebook where I’ve reviewed about 11 of the albums so far and I decided that it really belongs on my blog – mainly because I feel like my multiple posts a day were probably annoying people. Also, because I haven’t been using my blog and it would give me a reason to post here. Maybe if I get back into the habit of posting I’ll start writing about other things too. One more reason why I decided to blog about these albums instead of posting on Facebook is because I feel like I need to slow down just a bit, feel the music more, and really give each of these albums more consideration than just listening to them once and posting about it.

The albums I’ve reviewed so far are:

  • John Lennon: Two Virgins, Life with the Lions, and John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
  • Paul McCartney: McCartney, Ram, and Wild Life (Wings)
  • George Harrison: Wonderwall Music and Electric Sound
  • Ringo Starr: Sentimental Journey, Beaucoup of Blues, and Ringo

At some point I may copy and paste my Facebook posts for those first 11 albums into one blog post so they’ll be here too.

Just to let everyone know – obviously reviewing albums is not my profession and I don’t claim to be an authority on The Beatles or the guys individually. These opinions are my own and are really just how the music makes me feel more than it being an all-encompassing review. I love music and you’ll probably find that I love a lot of songs/albums that other people think are garbage. That’s the beauty of music – like art, it’s all subjective. You’ll also notice that I won’t go super in-depth with each song on the album. These blog posts are really just my scattered thought – more like I’m taking notes as I listen than anything else, but I really do hope you find them at least some what informative and that you give these albums a listen.

The first album I’m including here on the blog is Red Rose Speedway. Red Rose Speedway is the second album Paul McCartney recorded with Wings. The album was released on April 30, 1973 in the US and on May 4, 1973 in the UK. It peaked at number 5 on the UK Albums Chart and hit number 1 on Billboard’s Top LPs and Tape.

I really like this album. The only song I had heard going into it was “My Love”. I’m a total sucker for this song! In my humble opinion, Paul had the best singing voice of The Beatles. My Love is one of the first Paul McCartney songs I fell in love with having heard it for the first time on the greatest hits compilation All the Best. It’s a great, sappy ballad. Not much to say about it other than it makes me swoon. It’s kinda cheesy with all the “Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa’s”, and there are a lot of them, but there’s just something about it that makes belt it out right a long with him when I hear it.

Paul’s music is just really fun. The songs on this album are no exception. This album had me toe tapping at my desk as soon as the first song, Big Barn Bed, started. It’s repetitive and really makes no sense, but it’s catchy. Music doesn’t always have to have a deep meaning for me to enjoy it. Paul has this signature style, and to me it’s bouncy, bass driven, and he even though he may not be the best lyricist, he has an amazing melodic gift. More often than not it’s the melody of a McCartney song that draws me in even if the lyrics don’t.

The stand out track on this album for me is When the Night. This song is really sensual and it moves me. It’s a song two lovers could dance to and feel overcome by, if that makes sense.

The last song on the album is a medley of four different songs and at over 11 minutes they really should have been broken up into separate tracks, but at the same time there’s not enough of each for them to stand on their own.

Verdict: It’s a good album with a lot more substance than the first Wing’s album, Wild Life. There were some good moments on this album and I’ll never get tired of hearing and singing along to My Love. The other songs on the album won’t be all that memorable to me, but I’ve listened to the album 4 times and have enjoyed it more and more each time.

Rating: 3 3/4 stars (out of 5)


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