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Restaurant Review: The Pig BBQ

If you live in Jacksonville you’ve probably been to The Pig BBQ, or just The Pig to locals. My family and I have been going for years and it’s one of my favorite BBQ restaurants in town.

The Pig was established by E.S. Murdock in 1955 and the original location was on Kings Road in Jacksonville, Fl. The Lem Turner Road location (the one we frequent) was opened in the early 60’s and was the first to add seafood to its menu. I don’t go to The Pig for the seafood (there’s better seafood choices elsewhere to be honest), I go solely for the barbecue and The Pig’s signature sauce. There are currently 5 locations in an around Jacksonville.

Fried Squash appetizer. Not the best fried squash I’ve ever had. Just “okay”.

The Pig offers up a good variety of barbecue including ribs, chicken, pork and beef. They also have seafood selections but as I mentioned before that’s not why I frequent The Pig. My go to meal is The Pig special, which is a pork of beef sandwich on a bun (I get the pork on garlic toast) with 2 sides (fries and coleslaw for me). Their pork isn’t really pulled pork I guess, but more chopped up in really small pieces and is always moist and tender. I’m super picky about coleslaw, but The Pig’s slaw is my all time favorite. I’ve been known to go get a container of their coleslaw just for hot dogs. Check out their menu.

The Pig Special – $7.99

Prices at The Pig are reasonable ($7.99 for The Pig Special) and the meat is always piled high. Oh, and their sweet tea is the BEST!

Full of The Pig’s delicious sweet tea!

The Pig Sauce is their signature sauce and it’s more like a North Carolina barbecue sauce due to its thin consistency and vinegar base. Apparently the sauce is so secret that only a few people actually know all of the ingredients. I’ve only found one “copycat” recipe for it, but honestly I’d rather just go and buy the real thing because it’s THAT GOOD! They sell it by the half pint, pint, quart, half-gallon and gallon.

If you’re visiting Jacksonville and want some really good local barbecue, check out The Pig. You won’t be disappointed. If you live in Jacksonville and have never been, well shame on you and get going!

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a stress free and happy Monday!

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