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Pancakes, Tools, and Comics…Oh My!

Any day spent with my husband is an awesome day. We always have such a good time together and there is never a dull moment. There’s really nothing better than getting to spend everyday with your best friend. Ok, enough mushy stuff!

I was going to take my Nikon out today, but decided not to because it was supposed to rain, so all the pictures below were taken with my iPhone 7.

Mike wanted pancakes for breakfast, so we started our day at IHOP. He got an omelet and pancakes. I got the steak tips and eggs with hash browns. The steak tips look like a hot mess, but they’re pretty tasty. The IHOP we go to is always hoppin’ (see what I did there) and apparently they ran out of silverware and gave us plastic forks and knives. Yeah, that was interesting.

IHOP’s Steak Tips and Eggs. Visually a hot mess, but pretty tasty.

Next stop was Harbor Freight. Why do men have an obsession with this place? Tools galore and for cheap that’s why. Mike needed a socket set for his projects and also to change the air filter in my truck. There is a bar that is attached the frame over and goes over one corner of the air filter cover. Super annoying and I think car manufacturers do those sort of things on purpose to frustrate people. Seriously.

When we were done at Harbor Freight we decided to continue our action filled day by going to our comic shop. On the way there I snapped some pictures. They were all taken at red lights and I wasn’t moving, I swear.  Jacksonville gets a bad rap sometimes (read: our football team sucks), but I love this city and it’s unique beauty.

Driving down Adams Street

Riverside Avenue. There are palm trees everywhere in case you didn’t already know you’re in Florida.

Next stop on our grand Sunday tour was our comic shop. Mike and I are both card-carrying geeks and love comics. The best comic shop in town is Superhero Hive in Riverside (they also have a location at the beaches). The staff there are super friendly, accommodating and we’ve developed a great relationship with them. They have, by far, the best selection of comics, statues, and action figures. If they don’t have it they can probably order it for you. We have been to many other comic shops in town and Superhero Hive has them all beat by a mile. If you live in Jacksonville stop in and check it out.

We drove around for a few after we finished at the comic shop because it’s hot as balls outside right now and in the AC is the best place to be.

There’s a beautiful park on the water in the Ortega neighbor hood called Stinson Park and it’s one of my favorite places to go. Parking is problematic and finding a spot is by sheer luck, especially on days like today. There’s a great view of the skyline further down the river and even though I took the picture below with my iPhone, it’s still gorgeous. Jacksonville is known for its many bridges like the Dames Point, Hart, Main Street and Matthew’s, but there’s also the Ortega Bridge which is a beautiful drawbridge that has been functioning since the 1920’s.

Jacksonville skyline.

Ortega Bridge

We didn’t do a lot today, but I know Mike was super happy to get out of the house. He had surgery earlier this month and has been having some serious cabin fever. He’s still healing and taking things slowly, but he’ll be as good as new in a few more weeks. Until then, our outings will be short and sweet like today.

We’re having pork tenderloin for dinner tonight, so be sure to check back tomorrow for the recipe! As always, thanks for reading and have an amazing week!

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